5 tips to stay sane and relaxed while planning (or replanning) your Wedding during Covid.

Weddings are still in full swing in the Great Southern.

There have been two years of rescheduling weddings, alot of adjustments, backup plans, policies and replanning, vendors covering each other. Look, it’s true, there’s been heartheart and stress and big adjustments to expectations but we are all doing it. Where there is love, there is always a way. Cliche right, but it’s true.

Now that Covid is actually in Western Australia and with the goalposts being moved on the regular, it might be time to share some thoughts.

1. Check your vendor contract or Covid policy before you commit

Every vendor will have different policies in relation to Covid. It’s important to know what these are before committing. Can you reschedule, is there a time limit on that, etc. Some vendors may have that on their website, their social media and some may just speak with you one on one but you can always ask them before committing so that you know what is and isn’t an option.

2. Remember your why – choose your 5 top priorities.

Decide early on what really matters the most. Place them in order and use them as a guiding light to make your decisions.

There are no rules on what your priorities need to be. Whether it be having your Aunty from Melbourne there or you just have to have those particular flowers from Brazil. It’s what matters to you for your day.

3. Have your backup plan laid out to reduce stress.

You want to enjoy your wedding.

Reduce stress by making a couple of backup plans that you also love. ie: for scenario A & scenario B, as many as you need.

Using your priorities as a guide…. If that, then this.

Decide (maybe write a list of) what you can and can’t control, then surrender to that. Having your options laid out early will allow you to make the best of any situation.

4. Communicate and communicate early.

With your vendors and with your guests.

You can create a group text or group email (using bbc of course) to update vendors and guests. Everyone understands the deal now.

Vendors will work with you as much as they can and often reach out to each other to make the good stuff happen for their couples.

Try to be flexible with rescheduling: think weekday weddings, local flower options, alternative vendors, etc when rescheduling.

5. Trust your vendors and reach out if you need some help

Weddings are high intensity events and if your vendors have been in the industry for some time, they’ve had plenty of experience at thinking on their feet. In fact, most of us strive in that environment.

So if you’re stuck for ideas on options just reach out to your chosen people for a brainstorm. It’s a heart driven industry afterall and we are all working for you and your big day to be a success.

BONUS tip #06

I get it, my husband’s Mum lives in South Africa and missed our wedding, she would have absolutely loved the adventure and fun and we missed her so. We had to accept that early on and we found ways to make her feel included. Sent her a photobook, slideshow and video, etc.

If you can… Trust what is for you will not go by you. Your wedding day will unfold exactly as it should and it’s going to be all sorts of wonderful. And then you’ll be married and the journey will continue on.  

Written by Lauren Sprigg – Lauren Sprigg Photography

Each article/blog post is written by a Collective community member and are the individual thoughts and perspective of each vendor.

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