What are the cake trends for this season 2017-2018//

We are now seeing people moving on from “Tradional Cakes” and A lot of Couples are now opting for a variety of cakes to suit everyone. From Gluten Free, dairy and Sugar free and now Raw Cakes.

We are still seeing a lot of Naked and semi naked cakes this season. Couples love these cakes as they are simple and you can see the inside Flavourings and Layers.

Metallics and marble cakes are still common, with gold accents and foiling usually carrying throughout the Wedding theme.

Drip cakes have become really big this past year and we will see this continue through 2018.



We have chosen some of our favourite cakes created here in the Great Southern. For you to feast your eyes on..ENJOY!!




Semi Naked Cake with Toffee shards, and gold foiling.









Cake Credits//

The Sweet Piece

Albany Cake Designs

Entice Food

Raw Blend Kitchen