Buttonholes can be a little daunting for the guys. Here we have given some top tips to help.

If you are going for a very traditional wedding, your buttonhole should be very simple and not too crazy..Think a perfect rose, or lissianthus flower.  The best is to choose something that compliments the brides bouquet, in matching colours and florals. You can finish it off with matching ribbons to tie in with the bride and bridsmaids.

If you’re going for that rustic theme,  a single flower is a good option, like a little native bloom or holly.  You can still dress it up a bit by adding in little bits of interest like, ribbons, crystals, beads, buds, lace, grasses etc. 

Our Top tips 

  • Match the buttonhole flower to the bride. Make the groom buttonhole a little different to your groomsmen.,ensure your flower is different and stands out from the rest. Mimic the bouquets with matching ribbons and adornments.
  • Have help pinning them on. Have your mum or someone close on hand to help you pin the buttonholes on.
  • Your florist should have pins already attached to your buttonhole…. It should be easy to pin through the stems and onto your suit, and always on the left. (Think Heartside).
  • Pick Flowers that last….. Its all good wanting delicate little flowers. But flowers that are wired, out of water with a long day of photos and hugging your guests…. Your flower may look a little worse for ware by the end of the night. Try choose something a little tougher. Your florist should be able to help here.


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