Elopements in the Great Southern

Stop everything you’ve thought about elopements!
For over a decade now the adventure elopements have been growing with vast popularity in the US. However the epic opportunity to have the adventurous, outdoor, carefree wedding that focuses on what matters most to you, has for some bizarre reason not hit our shores.

Yet 2020 despite all the craziness it brought, it showed Australia that love prevails despite circumstance. It gave some couples who have been engaged for years the excuse to elope just how they wanted without the traditions they didn’t care for, or the epic celebrations that just aren’t them.

With Brenna and Johno we wanted to show you, that elopements weren’t restricted to your garden, or a secluded beach, but could be a day filled adventure. Your elopement didn’t mean your wedding day was minimised down to a couple of hours, but could be filled with all the things you loved best.

And what better way than to Hike one of the iconic trails of Albany, Baldhead. With its calf burning hills, beautiful flora, and stunning views, there was nothing more adventurous or Great Southern we could think of.

Keeping it simple, LUSH Floral Designs, Nuku Bridal, Special Occassions Makeup By
and Be You Hair Boutique came together to put together Brenna’s
adventurous bridal look, all captured by Holly Medway photography.

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