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Hello hardworking, committed, local vendor :)

We are thrilled by your interest!!

We are local wedding vendors who value highly our wonderful community of talented service providers and appreciate the importance of both shopping and supporting local.

The website allows us to showcase and promote our region together all while creating an easy online hub for brides and grooms planning their wedding day.

For our brides & grooms (& their guests) it is a place where they can find everyone and make their choices..... informed of all the wonderful options.

With a focus on supporting local we have many ideas to help showcase this special part of the world we live in and are proud to call our HOME :)

Read below to find out more and let's get to building your lovely page. We will be in touch very soon.

Thanks again,

We aim to:

  • Offer a one stop website for brides and grooms planning their wedding in the Great Southern
  • Promote your business and your unique service
  • Promote the Great Southern region
  • Increase destination wedding numbers to the region - tick :)




how it works?


1. Get Onboard

Sign up to join the GS Collective and celebrate all that is the Great Southern!


2. Communicate With your Couples

Get excited as your ideal couples enquire directly with you.

We display your website, social media links and contacts to make it easy for couples to reach you out to you.


3. Book Weddings

That’s it, we aren’t the middle man.

You can focus on what you are best at, giving your clients the best of you and make their wedding day all that they have dreamed of.




why it works?


1. domain life

We've been around for years now.. Google loves that. And so do we. We've helped loads of Vendors and loads of couples by being here and Google knows all about it.


2. seo and backlinks and image alt tags

What?? Boring talk... I know it but please .. do take benefit from my obsessive nature in learning all the things.


3. niche area

We aren't trying to do it all.

We are for all things weddings and just for the Great Southern.

There is no dilution in our focus.


focus more time

on what

you LOVE to do

Get online with us in 5 easy steps :)


1. Book a call or meet to discuss your page design.

2. Choose and purchase your membership package.

3. We email you the link to your page draft.

3. Approve your page to go live OR email us back with any changes.

4. Once your page is live and you're happy that it reflects you just right we will setup up your membership.

5. Focus on what makes your heart sing

knowing you've made it just that little bit easier for your ideals clients to find you online.


You will receive our onboarding email with links to our private FB group, our hashtag info

and social media outline, info for your page updates, etc.



Still have questions??

No worries.. reach out,

Email us or book a chat



Ready to Choose YOUR membership style

Join us now...

Spend more time on your craft

+ more time to improve your services and products for your ideal couples.



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Yes, I value my time and my clients time.

Let's do this together :)

All the LOVE.


Yes Please. I'm all in.



3 Months Membership commitment



I like to take little steps.

Upgrade at any time.


Yes Please. Get me onboard.

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