Mountain top elopement {Inspired Shoot}

This sensational elopement shoot atop Bluff Knoll by Holly Medway is a perfect case to show that anything is possible in our incredible Great Southern region!!

For those of us who already know and live in the beauty of our area, its always a wonderful to hear others rejoicing in it. Holly has only been in WA for 6 months and says “I have been utterly overwhelmed by its beauty. It has the most epic beaches, and ranges, rock formations and deserts.”

Living in Albany, Holly wanted to share her newfound love of the region with future couples from all over the state. “I wanted to inspire future couples that you don’t need to jump on a plane to NZ or Iceland to have an epic elopement when you have all of this stunning country/state at your back door.”

Waking at 3.45am to hike Bluff Knoll for the first time, just a small group including her lovely couple and a few locals to help guide them in the dark, this purely image inspired

Bluff Knoll is located in the Stirling Range National Park and peaks at 1098m above sea level. Just 100km north-east of Albany and 400km south of Perth.

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