How much does it cost?

Find out what your celebrants cost will be. This is important to fitting into your budget for your wedding day.

Also ask what this cost will cover. And whats included. If there is a cancelation policy.


Ask your celebrant if they have all the correct qualifications, and experience.

 How many weddings have they performed?

You also want to know about their experience. Ask them how long they have in the business and how many weddings they have performed. Some celebrants specialise in weddings while others have more experience in naming and other types of ceremonies.

 Do we need to meet before the wedding?

Some marriage celebrants will allow you to have as many meetings and phone calls as you need to plan the perfect ceremony, others might include only 1 face to face meeting in their package. Meeting face to face will give you a better feel for who they are and wether they are the right fit for you as a couple.

Do they provide any equipment?

Most celebrants have their own PA system, but make sure to ask in advance if they do. It is also important to check if it is good quality because you may need to hire more equipment depending on your ceremony location. Some celebrants also have a signing table and chairs.

VOWS and help in writing them 

If you want to write your own wedding vows, but don’t really know where to start. Ask your celebrant if they have any tips or samples of other wedding vows they can show you.


 Can it be personalised to you as a couple?

These days wedding ceremonies are all about being personal to each couple. As we are all different and unique. you will want to make it a little different and fun. There are many ways you can create a fabulous ceremony with personality including amazing ceremony locations, backdrops, romantic gestures and more. Ask your celebrant if they have any ideas to help you.

When will they arrive on the day?

Your celebrant should arrive to the venue at least thirty minutes before the ceremony to set up the sound system and maybe even a brief to  everyone involved in the ceremony. To ensure they will arrive on time, ask them how early they usually show up at the location.

 What will they wear?

What a celebrant wears is very important. As they are going to be right there in the most photographed part of the day. You don’t want them to turn up wearing something out there or too glamourous. Tell them what your colours and theme will be on the day, so they can dress accordingly.


Make sure you have all the correct paperwork before the wedding day ready and know when you will need to submit them by. They will need to lodge the wedding certificate after the big day.